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At Watch You Learn, we believe positive relationships are essential for all areas of children’s development. Further, we believe social skills are acquired and that refining them is a lifelong process. 

Educators treat all children with respect, spend unhurried time with them, speak to them quietly and gently, and form positive relationships with them.


The indoor and outdoor play spaces at Watch You Learn are designed so that children can confidently explore either alone or with other children. The children have a wide variety of toys and can choose for themselves what toys they would like to play with and which activities they would like to be involved in.

Educators intentionally teach social skills. We develop children’s understanding of others and teach them to respect differences such as religion and heritage, and how to relate to children who are less socially competent. We teach them how to resolve conflict. When appropriate, educators encourage children to develop self-help skills: look after their own belongings; put on shoes and socks; and, serve themselves at meal times – and help others to do so. We use genuine opportunities involving authentic life skills to facilitate children learning from and helping each other.

Watch You Learn views children as capable and, wherever possible, encourages them to make their own decisions about the important aspects of their day. Educators support their growing independence and, above all, their ability to recognise unsafe situations and to act in the best way possible to keep themselves safe. Educating children about water safety, road safety, sun protection, animal safety, stranger danger, and protective behaviours are integral to the program.

When appropriate, Watch You Learn provides opportunities for children to engage with adults within the Centre and the community, while ensuring that their safety is paramount.