About Us

Aims & Goals

Watch You Learn aim to provide a program that understands values and is sensitive to the needs of young children, families and the community.


Watch You Learn offer a welcoming, friendly, caring facility that is responsive to the needs of all who visit. Our facilities have been designed with the aim of offering a safe, secure and supportive environment for young children and their families.


Watch You Learn aim to work in partnership with families and children to develop meaningful relationships to ensure quality-learning outcomes and provide positive guidance.


Our program identifies and addresses goals in all areas of development as well as the learning outcomes described in the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the National Quality Standard (NQS). The developmental areas addressed include:

  • Social development: to help children feel comfortable, to trust their new environment, make friends and feel that they are part of a group. We will build a sense of security and enjoyment.


  • Emotional Development: to help children experience pride, self-confidence, develops necessary skills for independence, self-control, and takes a positive attitude towards life. Children need to feel confident to take on new challenges and try new skills.


  • Creative Development: to assist children explore their world and the many materials, man-made and natural they find in it. Learning to think creatively will help children as they grow and learn in more formal settings and with many of life’s issues.


  • Cognitive Development: to help children become confident learners by allowing them to try their own ideas and experience success by helping them acquire new learning skills such as the ability to solve problems and ask questions.


  • Language Development: to assist children acquire the language they need to effectively express their feelings, ideas, thoughts, and observations. 


  • Physical Development: to help children increase their large and small muscle skills and feel confident about what their bodies can do.


The experiences we plan for children, the way we organise the environment, select toys and materials, plan the daily schedules and talk with children are all designed to accomplish the goals of our programs and to help children celebrate the achievement of the learning outcomes. These are areas all staff members are expected to be familiar with and to use as a regular part of program planning.


Watch Your Learn has also developed its own Curriculum which is to be used to guide the programs staff provide for the children.