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Our School Readiness Program forms a major part of the curriculum
for children over 3 years. It prepares children to transition to school: feeling confident; being familiar with the physical environment; possessing early literacy, numeracy and science concepts; having basic technology skills; able to follow new routines; and, most importantly, possessing the social competence to make new friends and resolve conflicts.

Watch You Learn understands that its School Readiness Program needs to prepare children physically, socially, emotionally and academically for the more formal learning, larger outdoor play areas and reduced educator supervision, of school. The Program introduces structured learning while still maintaining its play-based approach. The structured learning focuses on: early literacy and numeracy; science; technology; sustainability; fine and gross motor skills; and social competence. For example, educators introduce early literacy skills when reading to the children and develop on their skills by providing information such as

front and back cover, consistency of print, ask the children about what might happen next, question the sequence of events, and ask them what they have noticed.

Starting school can not only be daunting for children, but also for parents. Watch You Learn provides information sessions for parents and families, and the educators are always available to help them.