At Watch You Learn, we believe that nutritious food and drinks are vital to children’s physical development, mental health and wellbeing. Our kitchen is state-of-the-art and we have our own chef on site to prepare the children’s meals fresh each day. All meals are consistent with Australian Dietary Guidelines. The chef also communicates with families to ensure that the menu reflects children’s needs and preferences, and accommodates any allergies and intolerances. We can also cater for halal meals. Fresh water is available to all children thoughout the day.

The Centre is purpose-built. It has a large outdoor play area, and the indoor play areas receive lots of fresh air and natural light.

The indoor and outdoor play areas are integrated so children can move freely between the two, engage in sustained play and learning, and enjoy an unhurried routine based on their needs rather than on an imposed schedule.

The educators at Watch You Learn encourage all children to take part in activities, including ball games and exercise, that develop sensory awareness, strength, balance and co- ordination together with their fine and gross motor skills.

Watch You Learn has a separate cot room for babies. All children have time to sleep and rest, time to be alone with their thoughts and feelings, and time to rejuvenate. Our educators believe that mindfulness is necessary for children’s wellbeing and their social development. Soothing spaces are included in the play areas, and yoga and progressive relaxation are part of the program.

Our children take part in the NSW Government StEPS (vision) program. Watch You Learn is also a SunSmart Centre.

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